How much do motorized retractable patio screens cost in Seattle

How much do motorized retractable patio screens cost in Seattle?

Are you thinking about transforming your patio or deck into a year-round place that adjusts to the Seattle weather? Louvered roof and motorized retractable patio screens in Seattle are the way to go. The louvered roof can be adjusted if you want more sun or shades, and the motorized solar shades will extend the season by protecting you from pesky insects and unpredictable showers. If you had an idea about louvered roof, then this post if for those who want to find out how much motorized retractable patio screens cost in Seattle.

The price tag unveiled

It’s hard to tell the price of solar shades if you have a place that requires custom estimates. The total price of a job depends on several factors:

  • Size – Larger screens require more time and material to be installed. Eventually the larger the screen, the more expensive it will be. For example a standard 10′ x 8′ screen can start around $3,500. If the screen is bigger than 20’ it can got up to $8,000 or more.
  • Fabric – Another important factor that impacts the price is the type of mesh and screen fabric you choose. For a budget friendly option go with standard polyester. If you want a screen with UV protection and improved airflow you’ll have pay more.
  • Customization – Solar shades come in different sizes and colors, but if you want it to blend with your home’s style with custom colors , integrated wind sensors, and unique shapes add to the price tag.
  • Installation – Once you decide on the type of screen you want for your home, it’s recommended to hire a professional to install them for your. Professional installation will ensure proper functionality and longevity. This will cost between $500 and $1000 in Seattle area, depending on the complexity of your job.

Beyond the Basics

Keep in ming, the prices listed above are just the starting points. Additional features like:

  • Brand – reputable brands come with higher prices, but in some cases offer better warranties and long-term performance.
  • Automation – If you want a remote control or to control them from your smartphone will increase the price.
  • Warranty – Look for warranties that cover both the screen and motor. This will give you more peace of mind.

Saving Savvy

There are several motorized retractable screens companies in Seattle. Get quotes from at least three to compare prices. Quotes are usually free and this won’t cost you anything extra. Another helpful tip is to consider off-season installations. Sometime you might discounts. And another thing to remember is that the cheapest option isn’t always the best. It’s better to save more and to choose a quality product and installation for a long-lasting enjoyment.

Investing in Comfort

At first these products might look expensive to you, but don’t forget the benefits you get with motorized solar shades:

  • Increased outdoor living space – you will be able to enjoy your patio or deck for longer, even during bug season or light rain.
  • Enhanced comfort – The solar shades will protect your family from sun, wind, and pesky insects.
  • Boosted curb appeal – They add elegance and make your home look more beautiful. 
  • Potential energy savings – Solar shades block UV rays. This can reduce cooling costs.


Motorized retractable patio screens are an investment in your outdoor space. Whatever the reason for your house, airbnb, rental property or your everyday home, it will increase the value of your property. It might take you some time but once you’ll understand the factors that influence the cost, you can create a personalized haven that fits your style and finance. So, unleash the potential of your patio and embrace the beauty of Seattle’s outdoors, one bug-free evening at a time!