Laser Hair Removal

How long does laser hair removal last?

What is laser hair removal?

Laser Hair Removal is a process of destroying the hair follicle on your body by means of exposure to pulses light. It’s a long-lasting form of hair removal but it’s not permanent like electrolysis hair removal is. The hair will regrow, particularly if the follicle wasn’t destroyed during your treatment. That’s why many people now refer to laser hair removal as a long-term hair removal method rather than permanent hair removal.

How long does it last?

Generally, most of the patients need approximately two to six treatments in order to completely remove the hair. For example: after 3 sessions of laser, you could expect a reduction of about 55% to 70% of hair. 4 sessions would remove about 85% of hair.

The hair will regrow within a few months, but the amount of time depends on the person’s unique hair growth cycle.


Side effects are possible, but they vary with your skin type, hair color, treatment plan and your cooperation to pre-treatment and post-treatment care. There are two most common side effects:

Skin Irritation – this includes redness, swelling and redness, but these symptoms usually disappear within several hours after your laser hair removal treatment.

Pigment changes – after a laser treatment your skin could become darker or lighter on the affected area. These effects could be temporary or permanent.

Can I get laser hair removal with tattoos?

If you have a tattoo, you are eligible to get laser, but it cannot be performed on the area that is tattooed. If you have a tattoo on your arm and want to get laser hair removal on your legs, there’s no issue. But if you have a tattoo on your chest then it will be a lot more complicated.

The laser used to remove hair targets pigmentation deep in the hairs to damage and destroy the follicles. If used over a tattoo, the pigment in the ink will be targeted and it will result in sever skin damage. Many people choose electrolysis over tattoos regardless of their hair or skin color. Electrolysis is the safest hair removal method for tattoos and it’s permanent and FDA approved.

Key Takeaways

Laser hair removal is a long-lasting hair removal method but it’s not permanent. Your hair will regrow in a few months depending on different factors. Many laser clinics will sell laser treatments in packages of 3 sessions or more. Most people need 12 treatments or more to completely get rid of the hair. After that you might require semiannual treatment. Others might not need a touchup for over 5 years.